100 Things I Connect With – Part 1: In Me

So I talk a lot about connection (not sure if you noticed that yet…) but what exactly am I talking about? Connect to what? With what? For what?

Well, you  can connect to pretty much anything, I wager. Should you? Probably not. Although some will argue that there is a time and place for everything. I say, the more you experience thoughtful connections, the more you recognise what connection feels like in different situations, and the more you learn how to connect – and let go – consciously. What you choose to connect with – and the strength of that connection – impacts everything else in your life on some scale.

Over the coming weeks, I’ll share some of who and what I connect with: In Me; Around Me; In Others; In Inter-connection.

Here are some of the things I connect with In Me:

  1. how I hold my shoulders
  2. any tension around my eyes
  3. the alignment of my spine; my posture
  4. my intentions for the day (or week, or month or year)
  5. joy in my movement
  6. unease in my heart
  7. a song or lyric rising up
  8. my breath
  9. the intuition “ping!” to pay attention
  10. hunger and fullness
  11. energy flow
  12. attraction to colours
  13. thirst
  14. my presence or distraction to the moment
  15. desire to move or rest
  16. areas of discomfort or pain
  17. sensitivity of touch
  18. how I see light and shadow
  19. what it feels like to blink
  20. tension in my jaw
  21. a need to move
  22. a need to rest
  23. memories
  24. dreams
  25. how curious I am at the moment

Without judgement, what do you notice about you right now? What steps out and makes itself known? What do you have to think about and search for?

Check in with you.

Up next, connecting with the things around you!


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