Reiki Level 3 Classes

Reiki Level 3 is held by request – please contact me for more information and timing

Reiki Level 3 brings out your Reiki Master. When you are ready to experience and share deeper, intuitive and more expansive energy, let’s talk about Reiki Mastery. This class series is for those students ready for a deeper service. If you have not taken your Level 1 and 2 with me previously, please connect with me to discuss.

Please note this class series does not include teacher training – I offer Reiki Master-Teacher as a separate level of work for those who wish to pursue it. This Reiki Level 3 class supports a Master Practitioner certification.

Level 3 classes are held over 20-21 hours and include:

  • deeper energetic awareness and connection
  • personal and space preparations to work safely and most effectively
  • working with your guides
  • attunement to Level 3 symbols and additional symbols I have been given
  • intuitive and deeper techniques for supporting your clients
    • working with the Chakra systems
    • auric/psychic surgery
    • working with Reiki through different mediums
  • a full manual and optional access to online materials
  • online support with your class peers, and on-going support from me
  • option to audit future offerings of the class for free
  • reference textbook
  • case study series required to receive final certificate

Fill in the contact form to let me know you are interested and to stay up to date on Reiki class offerings!

Cost: $500

I’m honoured to be offering Reiki classes based on my training with Drawing Down the Moon, incorporating DDTM materials and framework.