I believe everyone can realise benefits by improving the energy balance in their mind and body.

With life, there is change. And with change there is stress. Even short term stress can affect how you feel and react. Add in a health challenge – for yourself, a friend or family member – and there is more stress, and chronic stress can result in more serious effects. What if cultivating balance in your body and mind could help your body better manage these stresses and free up precious energy and resources to help you be truly well?

Reiki is, simply, universal energy.

As a Reiki practitioner, I am able to act as a conduit for this energy and share it, through my hands, which may be lightly touching or held above a person’s body. The purpose and use of this energy – or ki – is directed by the client – there is no suggestion that the practitioner is the one with any magical powers to heal – each person makes use of the Reiki session as it best benefits them! Reiki sessions can be in person or distance; distance may be offered ‘live’ (with client and practitioner on the phone or internet) or without contact during the session. I also incorporate mindfulness activities and exercises to support stress management and relaxation between sessions.

Achieving balance, through stress-relief and relaxation, is where reiki and mindfulness comes in. I see Reiki as an amazing complementary and preventative technique, with the potential to enhance anyone’s physical and emotional well-being. Through my practice, I work with adults, youth and animals to help relieve their day-to-day – stresses, reach for specific health goals and reduce anxiety. I have been honoured to be able to offer Reiki to encourage healing, and to support clients’ peaceful passing from this world.

It’s truly something that is best experienced, and safely complements other work and therapies. Sessions are tailored to your needs and the goal is always what is best for you. Please feel free to contact me for further information.

Due to COVID-19, Reiki sessions are available as distance sessions at this time, with very few exceptions. Please contact me to discuss the best arrangement for your needs.

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