Coaching Clients on Simbi special sessions

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DL, Coaching and Reiki Client: 

“I recently had to pleasure to do some coaching and Reiki work with Jenn.  I was so surprised, on many different levels; the process was extremely effortless, totally comfortable and even fun.  I was blown away how far and how fast movement and resolution came about. The combined training in Reiki and coaching makes Jenn an extraordinarily gifted practitioner that I highly recommend to anyone wishing to take the journey. “

YP, Coaching Session Client, Vancouver:

“Jenn has an amazing talent in asking the right questions and the right tools to guide you where you need to go mentally and spiritually. She keeps it interesting, interactive and professional – with a perfect balance! After a few sessions with her, she’s helped me find a better peace of mind and made me a more grounded person.”

Reiki Clients on Simbi special sessions

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DH, Coaching & Reiki Client, BC:

“After some Reiki treatments and several coaching sessions with Jennifer, I notice that I am more focused and much more at ease with myself and my decisions.  My feelings and emotions are much more stable and I feel quite “at peace” rather than anxious and tense.  Someone asked me the other day if I was on some great new meds!  I think that says it all.”

RLC, Reiki Client, Burnaby: 

“I was a novice as far as Reiki was concerned when I accepted an offer of a session in 2010. I knew nothing about Reiki (not even how to spell it) but thought why not as I have trouble sleeping and get a lot of colds, etc?

Jenn and I discussed my general health issues and she took down lots of notes and then we started the session. It was probably less than 2 minutes into the session when I noticed something had changed that was quite significant.

I told Jenn: “I don’t know if this is important, but I forgot to tell you that I have tinnitus in my right ear and the persistent beating has just stopped.” I had had the problem for a number of years and the length of episodes varied. The current one had actually been going on 24 hours a day for a couple of years. I was so used to it that I had forgotten it was there at that moment although sometimes it could drive me crazy and cause a lot of stress.

I really expected it might be a short period of relief but it did clear up. Since 2010 there has been approx 2 or 3 times when I felt the problem again but each event was very short lived (less than 24 hours) and disappeared without any intervention although I would try Reiki for it again.

I was very impressed and extremely happy with this unexpected outcome.”

Parent of Reiki Client, BC:

“My 8 year old daughter has been suffering from migraine headaches for a few years . Many trips to the pediatrician and specialists provided no answers or relief for her, but just more pain medication . Her days in school were being disrupted as well as her weekends .  She had 2 sessions with Jennifer and said she felt better and calmer and couldn’t believe finally someone understood what she was going through. She enjoyed the sessions stating they were relaxing and fun. Our family noticed the results of these sessions immediately , no more debilitating migraines!”

RS, Distance Reiki Client:

Distance 2014-12-22

Mindfulness Meditation Session Participant:
“Jenn has introduced, organized and lead the office staff in lunchtime meditation sessions.
In a short 15 minute session we are guided on a journey toward achieving better focus and energy. Afterwards we are encouraged to share and discuss the experience.
Her knowledge and expertise is appreciated by everyone in the group. Her sessions have become our lunchtime “channel changers”.
Thank you Jenn!”