How do you move through a change? Navigate toward a new goal? Connect all the pieces of you to the real you and create something bigger, better and even more you? Coaching is a judgement-free, personal path to uncover the solutions that are the best fit for you, your life and your unique situation. It truly is all about you. It’s about supporting you to clarify your goals and identify the best way for you to reach them in a measured, thoughtful process. Then, coaching supports as you take the actions you design. Coaching isn’t consulting. It isn’t counselling. It can be challenging. But it’s always about how you can move forward in your best way. I am an Erickson Certified Professional Coach, having completed the full Art and Science of Coaching – a Solution Focused Coaching program that is accredited with the International Coach Federation (ICF). I have also completed my Associate Certified Coach certification with the International Coach Federation. Got a sticking point? Let’s get you unstuck. Coaching is best experienced first-hand. Contact me – we’ll chat, try a few coaching moments on for size, so you will know the right next steps. Additional Information: