Work With Me

You know nothing happens in a vacuum. You’ve gone headlong into things before and seen what that does to the rest of your life. So, you pull back. Because that’s the right thing to do…right? But it doesn’t feel right. You’re ready for the next big thing in your life. You’re ready to move forward. Maybe you know exactly what that is – new job, a move, a shift in health or finding balance in it all – or maybe the details are a little sketchy for you right now. But something needs to change. Soon. And, this time, you want it to stick.

Here’s how: science & spreadsheets; intuition & energy; plans & epiphanies.web offers update

It’s your mix and your choice. If your cool with it, I may bring in a card reading or intuitive work at any point, as it feels appropriate. You can use a portion of the visioning and planning time for specific energy work – Reiki or mindful meditation – at any time.

Mix and match your magic from the offerings in this section,
and contact me at any time to talk about what’s possible!

Start Here: The “Wait, Will This Work?” Call. (20 minutes) (also: mandatory)

Let’s connect. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Are we on the same page? We’re about to hang out for a good chunk of time. Let’s talk about that.

$0 (contact me to set up a call)

The Details: Payment Options

    • cash, credit or cheque
    • distance sessions are invoiced through Square or may be paid through email transfer. Please note that payment is required prior to the session.