Ready to benefit from less stress? (super rhetorical question!)

So much of what we manage, deal with or struggle with in our lives can be managed differently, if we manage our stress and reactions. That is where Reiki comes in. It’s not a cure, it’s not a silver bullet or miracle pill. But, by taking time for you to relax, relieve stress and manage your energy balances, the results can be life changing.

Having witnessed and experienced the benefits of Reiki over the years, and the many ways the positive outcomes can show up for each individual, I am happy to offer Reiki as a stand-alone service, outside of a coaching package.

Due to COVID-19, Reiki sessions are available as distance sessions at this time, with very few exceptions. Please contact me to discuss the best arrangement for your needs.

Start Here: The “Wait, Will This Work?” Call. (20 minutes) (also: mandatory)

Let’s connect. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Are we on the same page? We’re about to hang out for a good chunk of time. Let’s talk about that.

$0 (contact me to set up a call)

Reiki Sessions

  • in-person in the greater Vancouver area, and distance sessions available (please note that for in-person sessions, travel time may be charged depending on location)
  • your first session is a full, hour-long assessment
  • after the first session, longer or shorter times may be arranged
  • sessions can include options to support your whole being or specific concerns

New to Reiki? Read a bit more about Reiki or connect with me to discuss more about Reiki and how it may be able to support you.

single shot:

$75 per hour. Your first session is 60 minutes. After that, we can discuss the option for longer or shorter sessions.

the blitz:

If you would like to do some focussed sessions or simply take a little extra time for yourself, the blitz will do the trick. Schedule these three, hour-long sessions in a 3-6 week period to get clear quickly.

$197 for three 60 minute sessions

the regular:

Prefer your Reiki and relaxation on a regular schedule? It’s worth it!

$25 for your 6th session in a 12 month period, after 5 regular-priced (single shot) sessions.

some serious ki: 

If you want to get serious about getting grounded & centred, and staying clear, pre-pay your next twelve 60 minute sessions.

$750 for twelve 60 minute sessions. (That’s the equivalent of two free sessions!)

Contact me and we’ll connect!