Whether you make use of an assessment to start your journey, or check in along the way, learning more about your current state can clarify your progress and next steps.

DISC behavioural assessments let you learn more about your styles and how you interact with others, and how they interact with you. DISC is an acronym of the four scales of Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Conscientiousness and the assessment scales and inter-connects your individual qualities on each of these aspects. It’s available as a general assessment or with specific qualities, such as leadership, in mind.

More specific assessments are also available to provide insight into emotional intelligence (EIQ), learning styles, motivators and leadership. The most common five assessments are highlighted here with a little more information.

Contact me to learn more about the types of assessments and how they can help your goals and decisions now.

Add an Assessment to your coaching sessions

Your report will be reviewed during your coaching time to support your goals and next steps.

Single Assessment: $30

Paired Assessments (eg DISC and EIQ): $50

Standalone Assessment

The assessment is followed up with a 30 minute coaching review to clarify any points and help you identify your next best steps.

Single Assessment: $80

Paired Assessments (eg DISC and EIQ): $100

Do you have a team? Group assessments are also available – contact me to discuss!