Jenn has introduced, organized and lead the office staff in lunchtime meditation sessions.
In a short 15 minute session we are guided on a journey toward achieving better focus and energy. Afterwards we are encouraged to share and discuss the experience.
Her knowledge and expertise is appreciated by everyone in the group. Her sessions have become our lunchtime “channel changers”.
Thank you Jenn!

Mindfulness Meditation Session Particpant

My 8 year old daughter has been suffering from migraine headaches for a few years . Many trips to the pediatrician and specialists provided no answers or relief for her, but just more pain medication . Her days in school were being disrupted as well as her weekends .  She had 2 sessions with Jennifer and said she felt better and calmer and couldn’t believe finally someone understood what she was going through. She enjoyed the sessions stating they were relaxing and fun. Our family noticed the results of these sessions immediately, no more debilitating migraines!

Parent of Reiki Client, BC