Connect Your Dots

Your life is full. And changing. You’ve got more responsibilities, new goals, new challenges off on all edges of the horizon. Maybe you picked them or maybe it seems like they picked you.

And now you’re left trying to sort out what you signed up for, and constantly reaching to pull it all together.It’s time to clear the overwhelm and cut the anxiety. It’s time to play in a new sandbox. Damn it, it’s time to build your new sandbox.

Welcome. Let’s create your balance and growth, on purpose, with purpose.

How? Everyone’s different and everyone ends up finding wholly unique ways to build their clear, balanced and connected life. This the beauty of creating your personal change. It’s personal. Unique. “Bespoke“, as it were (if we’re feeling hip and cool, or whatever it is these days).

Having said that, we make use of some consistent, defined and honed tools to get there.


This is not your soccer dad kind of coaching. It’s not your dance coach, nor your business consultant. Let’s get into the neuroscience of behaviour and change, and all the real-world ways that shows up. Let’s make your life work, for you.

This is the intersection of deep conversations and liberating realisations about what you want in life – any or all areas – and then setting and completing the plan to get there. Coaching is about questions – expansive, present and truth-seeking curiosity. It can result in laugh-full understanding and, as with any change, it can be a bit uncomfortable. You are always in the driver’s seat.

There are no off-limit topics. Folks often come to me looking to reconcile their work-life balance as they start a new endeavour, or as they realise they have become overloaded or overwhelmed. We define goals, (re)set boundaries, and you get to clearly define You.

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Reiki & Meditation

There is an energetic connection to any coaching session, and it amazes me how profound adding Reiki and mediation into the mix can be for people. Whether it’s starting a new habit, experiencing a deeper relaxation or heading full-on into a series of Reiki sessions to support your wellness and let go of lingering stress, it’s worth the connection.

Now open: Reiki Classes

I have completed my Reiki Teacher training and am incredibly excited to teach Reiki to you! The power of (re)defining your sandbox is exponentially enhanced when you are present to your wellness, situations and surroundings – and Reiki provide a powerful added layer of support and awareness for you. Sign up for the newsletter or the Facebook group to stay connected for updates!

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a life of hidden work

try the tool at the end of the article to connect to all areas of your life – including hidden work! In setting up my plans for 2023, I do a monthly tarot spread and the theme for January was Create.  It turns out that “creating” doesn’t involve a whole lot of “producing”, and I…

capacity and context

How are you? Seriously, how are you doing right now? How are you balancing your life in the world? It feels strange in so many ways to continue to “just” post on social media about personal, professional & energy balance while the world continues to face a pandemic, wars and climate crises. Yet this is…