Full Connections

Let’s talk.

Let’s create your perfect blend – the one that fits what you need, when you need it. It may be structured and scheduled, or it may be a little more free-form for what you need on a given day to support you in reaching your goals. We’ve got words. Movement. Energy. Vision. And details.

Let’s use them all, powerfully.

These are custom sessions, tailored to what you want and need. You choose. Pure coaching, intuitive consultations, blended with Reiki and energy exercises, or sound and moving meditations.

Start Here: The “Wait, Will This Work?” Call. (20 minutes) (also: mandatory)

Let’s connect. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Are we on the same page? We’re about to hang out for a good chunk of time. There’s a good chance I’ll reference Star Trek or Monty Python. Let’s talk about that.

$0 (contact me to set up a call)

Mindmaps are Pretty. And Pretty Useful. (one 2-3 hour session) 

Also known as: but I have no idea where to begin!!

Then, let’s get brainstorming, baby.

Trust me. You know what you have. You know what you want. You know what you need. You know all of it.

Sometimes, it’s just hard to put into words….

Let’s get it all out on paper in the real world, through thought provoking questions and intuitive conversation. I ask questions. You talk. I document. You get a big mind map that sets the stage to plan your next steps and schemes in life, business and health.

This session can last from 2-3 hours. It’s all about what you’ve got going on in that head of yours. You have the option to make the first or last 30 minutes a Reiki session to set or seal in your intentions.

(pro tip: this is a great way to kick off a set of Plans and Epiphanies or Headspace sessions!!)

$349 as a stand alone session

$297 when combined with a set of 3-12 sessions below.

Plans and Epiphanies (6-12 sessions over 6 months)

Also known as: I have some awesome ideas…I just need to Connect the Dots

Welcome to plans and epiphanies for balanced and managed change, all tied back to the goal of where you want to go.

Are you managing an adjustment to a new health and lifestyle change, adjusting career and business goals or facing a milestone such as family changes? Each one of those changes affects the full spectrum of life with pushes and pulls on stress and time.

Find your best way forward and shift your balance through a personalised combination of coaching & Reiki over a 6 month period. Get to your best place. Keep it connected.

$97 per session, with a minimum commitment of six sessions ($582).

Sessions are 45-60min.

Headspace (3-6 sessions over 3 months)

Also known as: Hold up, here. I know what I’m doing… except for this one (or two?) piece(s)

Oooohhhh. A sticking point.

Writer’s block. A stumbling block. A blind spot. Obstacles. Or just that sense of needing to do something. Shift. Move forward. Step up. Step in.

Let’s take a short term, focussed approach to what’s holding you up, let go of the stress around it, and reconnect the reasons you want to move. (And then? Let’s move you!)

$120 per session, with a minimum commitment of three sessions ($360).

Sessions are 45-60 minutes

Reset (single sessions for those who have completed a Plans and Epiphanies or Headspace series.)

Also known as: I just need a kick in the ass

It happens to all of us.

You know the plan. You know (most) of the steps. It’s just that final step of actually….doing something.

Let’s nail some dates down and blow the barriers out of the water to take the first steps forward. Once that ball is rolling, watch out world. You’re unstoppable.

$150 per 45-60 minute session.


I am happy to provide quality, online behavioural, leadership and learning assessments as stand-alone offerings or as part of coaching series. The thorough reporting provides insights and opportunities for your next steps.

Learn more on the Assessments page.

Ready? Contact me and we’ll get connected!