I love connections.

How much? I get giddy connecting an event planner to the musician they need. I giggle when the last piece of the puzzle comes together. And when I can support someone to connect to clear head space, personal epiphanies, tailor-made plans and daring steps forward? Well, then, that’s where connections create the biggest space for awesomeness. And your connected awesomeness is what lights my fire.

I get lots of words to describe me and how I work: playful, present, non-judgemental, positive, creative, grounded and empathic. Occasionally, devil’s advocate…

That’s who I am and how I will show up when we work together to connect your dots in life, health, work & fun. There’s a lot more below about what I’ve done and what I’ve learned. Read on for the details, or head over to connect with me to set up a time to chat!

For the past 20 years, I have worked in the science and health care sector, from the front line to research, regulatory, project and program management environments. During that time, I’ve worked with patients, families and health care workers through their decisions, growth, adjustments and loss; I’ve tested innovations, implemented regulations and adjusted structures, navigated system challenges and, always, supported people through change.

Personally, I’ve been through and learned to manage my own challenges and changes. Births and losses, of people and programs. Life-altering allergies, arthritis, diabetes, system-wide change, house-wide change, growth, down-sizing, pain management, anxiety & depression, and stress. Any one of these can add stress and shift balances – for us, and for those around us.

Through all of this, I’ve picked up a few skills along the way. Though they come from what may seem to be opposite ends of the spectrum, they connect:

  • Solution-focussed coaching: a coaching path that began in 2011 lead to formal training in solution-focussed methods. By supporting others to meet their challenges and change in a judgement-free, positive environment, goals are defined and achieved with greater efficiency, clarity and thoughtfulness. (…more about coaching) I am a member of the International Coach Federation and follow their code of ethics.
  • Reiki -Usui and Karuna(R) Practitioner and Master Healer: Since 2010, I’ve worked with adults, youth and animals to help relieve their day-to-day-stresses, and build support for specific goals. I have been honoured to be able to provide reiki and mindfulness skills to support goals of healing and well-being, and to support clients’ peaceful passing from this world. (…more about reiki) I am a member of the Canadian Reiki Association and follow their code of ethics.
  • Data-driven and detail-oriented, in a holistic system: a degree in Medical Laboratory Science and over 20 years in private and public sectors brings with it no small amount of appreciation and understanding of structure, process, metrics, projects and quality-based systems. It’s good to know how to get there, what’s at the end and the framework it’s all happening in.
  • Connecting information to people, people to people, and people to themselves: Over the years, I have connected with an amazing number of amazing people from patients and family at the bedside of senior care facilities and sexual health clinics, to the Board tables and multiple committees at non-profit societies. It’s all about communication: connecting with people, connecting them to each other and supporting people connect to their own ideas and best results. 

The sum of all this? I am ready to support you in connecting the dots of your balanced life, work, health and play. Connect with me to discuss how we could work together.