A few of my faves

There are so many folks out there on to so many good things. Here are just a few I love and am happy to recommend.

Get Connected

Make a Trade

Simbi is a platform for exchanges of goods, services and and learning. We all have something to offer, and the opportunities to trade or use simbi credits make it easy to connect with others.

Visit me or any of the other contributors on Simbi and discover what you have to share.

Access Your Energy

Among the science & spreadsheets, there’s incense & energy. There is sound, scent and sight. Inspiration and energy can come together to support creativity and open doors to new ideas and growth through the beautiful function of some of my favourite tools.

Organize Your Insights

The science & spreadsheets side of me needs a calendar – to structure, to plan, to map. And if it inspires me and supports my energy and creativity at the same time? How can you lose? My inspirational desk calendars are sold out for the year, but here are my calendars and a few favourites.

  • The Desire Map planners from Danielle LaPorte are gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. There is really no two ways about it.
  • What about an in-between calendar – more than a monthly, but less than a daily? I am using this sleek monthly planner for 2016. Enough space to mark my days and lots of space to record quick notes or longer plans.
  • Take notes: I may be biased, but I love Moleskines: plain, lined or squared. Sketch and note-take and doodle and record all your awesome insights.

Have Fun with It!

Stay connected to the fun. Seriously. This household has two favourite ways to keep connecting dots during playtime:

  • Story Cubes. So many ways to play with these image dice, and there additional varieties to add in! Connect the images you roll into stories or kick start a conversation with a single cube.
  • Anomia. This game turned into hysteria quickly around here as we all managed the connections between symbols and themes to come up the words faster than our opponent. Connected. Fun.

yes, some of the links above are to my products or to affiliate products.
the people and products are listed here because I love them.