Meditations & Voice Over

Guided Meditations

Perhaps you have a favourite meditation, prayer or mindfulness exercise that would be even better as a recording. Perhaps you know what you need (or an idea, at least!), but don’t yet have a complete meditation to fit.

Through my work, I often support people with mindfulness exercises and guided visualisations, including prepared audio recordings for general use, and specific to individual needs. I can record your favourites that you provide me, and include energetic intention in the recording, and add bell tones, singing bowl and specific frequencies as requested. If requested, I can also include intuitive adjustments to the material, or record it word for word with the timing and phrasing you provide. I have a warm, engaging, and relaxing tone to complement your practice.

Voice Over for Professional Settings

If you’re looking for a warm, engaging, professional tone to complement corporate materials, technical training videos, podcast introductions, audio blogs or essays, let’s connect. I am comfortable and familiar with technical, healthcare and scientific terminology and have a west-coast Canadian take on pronunciation. Trainers, authors, businesses and organisations have used my voice for their materials, including educational videos, poetry, and sales materials.

Coming Soon:

  • details and pricing to work with me for your voice over needs.
  • contact me in the meantime with any queries

Example voice over pieces: 

these are audio samples that I have completed and are shared as examples of my voice – they do not represent a product or service endorsement. 

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