42 Days: an invitation to your components of connection

Today, I turn 42.

If you want to head straight into the invitation, scroll down to the end!

Now, normally, I don’t spend a lot of time and energy on my birthdays – the last year I really noted it as a “big deal”  was back in 2003 when I turned 29. Something about 29 kicked in and sent me to my first tattoo. And then, although more tattoos followed, more life changes followed, and more personal development continues to follow, none have connected to my birthday quite the way this year has.

And, why not? Indeed, why on earth not? It’s trite and true – as with anything! – if not today, when?

42 simply feels like a good year to connect. I feel it in my gut (and, oh, will we talk about that!) Time to check in on connections. Reconnect. Continue to connect. This all now fits. I am ready for it.

Added bonus? 42 connects to the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’s Ultimate Question in the search for the answer to life, the universe and everything. Because, really, the Ultimate Question may not be a proper question, but it’s a damn good quest. And my geek-adjacent* self is rather fond of it.


So, the first 42 days of my 42nd birthday will be about sharing exactly how I connect, reconnect and stay connected on a regular basis, to my inner self, the outer world, to get closer to the answer to the Ultimate Question, and that crazy tenuous idea of “life balance”.

Bah! That word: balance. Sounds so precise and static! When we all know it’s anything but either one of those things.

But I digress.

Connections: For me, stronger connections to myself and my world encompass things like: Presence. Engagement. Empathy. Trust. Respect.

But that’s me. You’ll have your own list. Do you know what it is?

Your invitation: join me, and some super fun folks who also want to connect to their answers to the Ultimate Question, over the next 42 days to learn how to tap into your connections. Find what works for you and learn to recognise when you are stepping into growth, balance, change or cautious territory. It’s free. It’s got give-aways and group goodness. It’s going to be fun! I wouldn’t share it if it wasn’t. It’s the start of a new way to connect with your life, work, health, family & play.

We’re all hanging out of Facebook over here: http://bitl.y/CYDfbgroup This is a private group, online, for us to share, laugh and learn in a judgement-free space. Just ask to join and get connected!

*I cannot claim the rights to the phrase “geek-adjacent”. That was coined by a smarty wordsmith delightful, also geek-adjacent good friend.


  1. Love this Jenn, and happy 42nd birthday. I will be 42 in May, so I’m not far behind you. These are all things that I also care about and connect to, so I joined your group. Looking forward to connecting there as well. 🙂


  2. I think it is in our 40’s that we start to live the life we always wanted as we care less about what other people think and do more of what makes our heart happy! and get great tattoos! My sister is a Reiki Master, such a soothing practice. I would love to join you on your journey! Happy Birthday!


  3. I turned 40 last year, it was one of those years for me and although I’ve always been into self development, last year kickstarted my desire to look at every aspect of my life in an intensity a few notches higher. Belated happy birthday to you!


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