Is your work supporting you? You know, in those ways other than just financially.

This article was published last month on the Coaching Tools Company blog and, while written to coaches, there’s nuggets in here for anyone.

We all work. In some way or fashion and, far more often, in many ways and fashions. Sometimes we do what we do because we believe it’s just part of the gig. Do we love it? Do we even like it? Does it matter?

Oh, yes it does, ladies & gentlemen. It so does.

We’ve all seen the articles and heard the inspirational talks about how mindfulness can help us feel better, be calmer and “amp up” our self-care. And that self-care is critical for you to be your best for your clients! But, did you know that practicing mindfulness on a regular basis can also become a ‘go-to’ place when you want to assess how your work is supporting you?

It’s not just warm-fuzzies. Mindful connection can be the barometer for you and your direction in your work. What better time to regain clarity and focus than now?

…read the full article on the The Coaching Tools Company

Now, I’m not suggesting we can foist off every little piece of work that doesn’t suit our deepest desires. But what if some of them can be? What if you can monitor yourself and your mood going into and doing those things that aren’t your favourite? What if making the connection between a boring task and the bigger picture changes your whole outlook?

Perhaps better goals, better work, better outcomes, and better you throughout.

I’ll take that.

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