Mindful Body Round-Up

In the 42 Days of Connections Facebook Group (we are on-going and would love to see you there!) we’ve been talking about the impact of the mind on the body, what your body may be trying to tell you about your emotional state, stress or other decisions.

Is your stomach feeling queasy over a decision you are torn over? Is your headache your cue to step back and relax? Knees are all over the idea of movement…so if you are feeling stuck – in a job, in a situation, or a meeting – do they get jittery or sore?

It may not be this dramatic…or maybe it is:

Source: NYPL Digital Library

**Super big reality check: Now, clearly, your body also tells you about what your body is doing. Sudden pain in your foot? Check and make sure you didn’t step on a nail before you start on an inner inventory of your day’s events.**

Once you’ve ruled out stabby things, over-exertion and other physical considerations, there are lots of other things left in the running. So, where do you begin?

Well, after checking out my previous post on the subject, of course, here are a few other resources that you can review. This runs the gamut, from authors, to consumer medical sites, woo-adjacent ezines and business blogs. It’s something that we all can make better use, in pretty much any area of our lives. Just listen to your body to connect the dots.

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