Happy new year – welcome to 2017


2017. That’s so weird to type. My fingers just won’t go that way.

And yet. They will. I have to think about it. Maybe make a correction. But they will. Because that’s what I want them to do. It’s what’s “right” to do.

I keep coming back to the idea that we learned in November’s Connect to Your Body workshop: that your body will do what you ask of it – it wants to! – so be conscious of what and how you direct it. Instead of “type the date”, I can think “type 2017”. It makes a difference.

(go on, try it, you know you want to!)

So, along with the calendar, what else shifts for you in 2017? What grows? What are you creating or adjusting? How do you shift your thinking, or your ask to help it connect?

What are you letting be in its full, now awesomeness? Let the connections that are working for you linger and be easy!

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Keep it connected,

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