100 Things I Connect With – Part 2: Around Me


I posted the first in a four part series of things I connect with.

Well, you  can connect to pretty much anything, I wager. Should you? Probably not. Although some will argue that there is a time and place for everything. I say, the more you experience thoughtful connections, the more you recognise what connection feels like in different situations, and the more you learn how to connect – and let go – consciously. What you choose to connect with – and the strength of that connection – impacts everything else in your life on some scale.

Over the coming weeks, I’ll share some of who and what I connect with: In Me; Around Me; In Others; In Inter-connection.

It’s been a while since then. Let’s do part 2. What I connect with, around me:

  1. the air pressure
  2. the smell of rain or snow
  3. scents and odours
  4. the presence of light
  5. the fall of shadow
  6. the movement of trees
  7. softness or hardness of the ground underfoot
  8. silence
  9. rise and fall of conversations
  10. music
  11. song
  12. colour tone
  13. colour intensity
  14. energy in the space
  15. flow in a space (height, direction)
  16. wind or breeze
  17. sound, flow and energy in moving water
  18. warmth or coolness
  19. how things are aligned or organised
  20. form and function of objects
  21. art
  22. architecture
  23. whimsy
  24. growth/regeneration
  25. story

Without judgement, what do you notice around you right now? What steps out and makes itself known? What do you have to think about and search for?

What is it like to just feel into it for a moment?

Stay connected 🙂 Part 3 will be sooner rather than later!



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