Coaching and Reiki (wait…who even does that?!)

Part 3: the people who connect with coaching and Reiki

In the Part 1, we looked at the two seemingly disparate worlds of coaching and Reiki. In Part 2, there were pretty Venn diagrams and an explanation of the shared spaces of Reiki and coaching.

Change and growth have stress points, and, by their nature, a need for clarity and connection. And so we’re left with the most important part. The people part. The who. The who does that? The you.

1. You’re savvy…and maybe a bit stressed

You know change happens, and you’ve got some. Maybe you’re about to make change happen. Maybe you’re in the middle of it. And you know that changes – big or small – are about more than one thing. They affect everything. And everyone.

What if, over time, you come to realise that you developed a critical food intolerance. You are unwell. Period. It seems like you can’t eat anything without feeling ill. You work together with physicians or naturopaths – or both – to figure it out. This takes time to rule out some things, avoid many others and get tested. The food in the fridge is never the same for two weeks in a row and dinner out with your spouse is a thing of the past. Your kids wonder where all the snacks went and the grocery bill is full of expensive, unpronounceable organic, healthier (?) foodstuffs. 

2. You see the potential

You know this is a time to step forward. You can feel it. You can see it. It may not be clear as to how or where or even when, but you know something better is possible. You just know that your life, family, work and health can connect and integrate.

Now your family has a list of foods that you are sensitive to – and it’s a long one! And that’s okay. The medical stuff is covered and you have answers. You are ready to connect to the life you want to live. Fully. And all the fully represents.

3. You’ve got plans for a plan

You know there are ways to fit change into your life. Building your step by step path to connect change to your life and those around you is critical. You want to bring the pieces of life back together and move forward. You want a beautiful, functioning process.

There’s a way to incorporate this allergy list into life and still make sure that the family eats…right? What does your life even look like with all these allergies? Dinners out, vacations…spontaneity?!  All the bits of information you need are there, if only they made sense together.

These areas of change, potential and planning don’t necessarily arise in order and – in this not-so hypothetical case [cough…hi husband…] – they can fluctuate over time.

What if, throughout this, you and your spouse had additional stress management techniques and tools? What if asking new questions brought you to your best answers? What if you could actually see and connect with what life looks like as you – and everyone around you – goes forward? 

Are you holding change and a chance to move forward? Building parts of your life that need to connect? Bring it on. That’s who does this: folks with changes, finding their best personal solutions through coaching and Reiki. After all, it’s your life. Your growth.

Connect your dots.

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