Coaching and Reiki (wait…you do what?)

Part 1: the part where I combine Reiki and coaching

For the past seven years, I have been practising Reiki and, for the past five, I have been providing sessions to clients to support optimal energy flow, relaxation and stress release. When I first learned about Reiki, there was little debate for me regarding its benefits.

–Wait a sec. A Reiki session can release the stress of a crazy week, and set up the necessary space for a saner next week too?!–

As a working-mom-battling-migraines, I saw this, saw that it worked, and declared it a fit for me. I was all in. Supporting someone’s healing, growth or change through energy work is an amazing honour and I am always happy to see the difference a one-hour session can make.

Then, two years ago, I became aware of this thing called “coaching”. Where you talk to people. And ask them lots of questions. And diagram plans with them.

–Hold it right there. You get to draw charts and plans?!–


My inner-Excel fangirl had a small fainting spell right then and there…and now, I am in the middle of a phenomenal education process for certification as a coach, while coaching others to recognize their best and be their best. It’s planning and epiphany facilitation. With diagrams.

And so, I’m told, that I find myself with two apparent worlds in one place. One, a western engagement-based process, firmly planted in neuroscience and project management-like activities. The other, an eastern take on energy work – the likes of which have been around for aeons in many cultures – can take several forms, applications and approaches. Science and spreadsheets, meet incense and crystals.

But, wait! There’s more here…

This site, and my work, is about both coaching and Reiki. In bringing these two sets of tools into the same space, I see no problems at all. I see that coaching – whether you tag it as life coaching, leadership coaching, transformational coaching, or any other label – and Reiki create a natural complement. In the whats & hows, and the whos & whys. There are cross-overs and connections. Combining coaching and Reiki supports and enhances any of the things I would do in a “traditional” stream of either work.

Yes, Virginia, there is a place with the best of both worlds!

How, exactly? Next blog, I’ll talk about what & how there are cross-overs and connections in Part 2 – the bits where Reiki and coaching align.

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