the glasses are all half full of interesting stuff

what, like multiple flights of craft beer? 

the glasses are all half-full of interesting stuff

This has been my tagline for several years at several sites online. And, truly, I thought it was rather smart.

It fit. I like stuff. All sorts of stuff. I am chronically curious and interested. I figure there’s something to be learned from tackling new things. Heck, new things pop up all the time! Some new things stick, and that’s where the really good stuff comes in – family, reiki, coaching – and some new things are simply a kick to take for a test drive. A little distraction, a little bit of oooh…shiny!

In addition to random curiosity, I am often accused of being an optimist – if not an outright Pollyanna – and I have really hard time taking that like a bad thing, despite whatever tone accompanies the accusation. Surely most things have a grain of positive, a silver lining, even if it takes a little digging to find it. I most often see the interesting and positive in everything, or at least view it from a non-judgemental place place of options and opportunity.

These things are still true of me.

So, how could this little tagline of mine no longer apply? Easy. Because the tagline implies that anything and everything are in my best interest. And that, I’ve come to discover, is simply not true. It may all be interesting. It may even have some potential benefit. But it may not be of benefit to me right now. Sometimes, some of the interesting, awesome, fascinating and objectively positive stuff is simply too much today.

Yep. Too much. It can’t all stay.

Whoa. Now what? Are the glasses no longer half full? Of course they are! But instead of glasses with anything and everything, I’m aiming for a curated set of interests that I allow my time, energy, and intention to focus on. (setting that curated list? that’s where coaching and reiki are supporting me in this).

I’m sure there are lots more glasses out there with lots of interesting things that I will stumble across and prioritize in the future, but for now I limit my set. Keep my interests accessible. I work on filling some of those glasses up beyond half way.

because half-full glasses of multiple flights of craft beer just means I probably over-indulged and won’t be feeling very well the next day. I will be so much happier and well to sip a few choice beverages and see if each is a worthwhile endeavour.

Chat it up in the comments: Do I adjust my tagline or do I adjust my interpretation of it? Do you have a personal tagline and how did you arrive at it? 

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