Coaching and Reiki (wait…how does that work again?)

Part 2: the bits where Reiki and coaching align

In the Part 1, I talked about my two seemingly disparate worlds of coaching and Reiki. And yet, I have them here. Together.

In the same space.

--science and spreadsheets meet incense and energy--
–science and spreadsheets meet incense and energy–

Ah, lovely, lovely diagrams…but I digress.

Okay. So the two concepts touch. I drew two circles and made them overlap. Venn diagrams are pretty and all, but what is actually in that space that somehow encompasses both coaching and Reiki?

In that space is some very important stuff.

1. It’s not me, it’s you

Both coaching and Reiki are all about the other person.

— That means you —

As a coach or Reiki practitioner, I have no judgements, no opinions and no agenda. I do have a support structure of questions, tools and trust that help you find exactly what you need. To let go of your stress. To define a goal. To set up and maintain a new system.

And through it all, there is undivided attention. Coaching and Reiki are both about being present to you – fully, mindfully and attentively.

It’s your time to be heard.

2. You’ll know it when you see it

Or feel it. Or hear it.

It’s in your head, in your gut, in your heart or maybe even in your hands or feet. When you have that answer that just clicks or when you feel that relaxation flow through your body, you know it. It’s yours. Here’s the secret: it always was yours. But it’s just not always accessible. We get in our own way. A lot. We get used to feeling a certain way: stressed, headachey, busy, tired. Disconnected. And we forget that we can move forward to anything else. Those feelings of peace, relaxation, being on-target, engagement? They’re in there.

Coaching and Reiki refresh your perspective and help you let go of stress to find your way forward again.

You’ll know it when you see it.

3. Connect your dots

Are you connected? Is what’s going on in your head connected to what you’re feeling in your heart? Are your actions connected to your goals? Are your plans connected to the world and the people around you? Is your overall health connected to your daily life?

Are your feet connected firmly to the ground?

Oh, it’s all connected. How well you’re connected – among the different parts of you, to yourself, to the world around you – can make all the difference in how well and how fast you move forward. Coaching and Reiki help you access those connections, define and refine them and let you build them up, and build you up.

–the whole is greater than the sum of its parts–  Aristotle

It’s good to get connected.


  • Relaxation and stress relief through Reiki.
  • Accessing and defining your best plans and goals through solution-focussed coaching.
  • All of this through the shared intent of focussing on you, in your life and unique situation, and connecting you to the next steps in your journey.

–science and spreadsheets meet incense and energy–

Okay, that’s all very fine. Coaching and Reiki overlap and there’s good stuff in there. Stuff about you, that connects you to your solutions, goals, actions and to yourself. But who actually does this? Who takes on stress-relief and neuroscience and diagrams and mindful presence – with or without incense – and uses it to find their way forward?

That is for the next post:

Part 3: the people who connect with coaching and Reiki

Until then, leave a comment and let me know: How – and to what – are you connected?

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