make (sound) waves

A question or two to start things off today:

How do you like to take in your information, entertainment and the world around you? Do you see your plans forming? Do you hear the voice of your wisest friend speaking to you when considering a problem? Or do you feel changes in your body as you take in new ideas?

Everyone has their preferences – and their best ways – for learning, accessing new concepts, and working through challenges. Visual folks may think in pictures and learn better using mental imagery. Those with an auditory preference think in words and may use metaphor and storytelling when learning. Kinesthetic types get in on the action with movement and physical expression to solidify thoughts and ideas. And, yes, an individual can have overlap between the types.

Well, that sounds like time for another Venn diagram!

VAK via
VAK via



How you learn and process thoughts impacts how you create and connect. Try it out the next time you’re engaged in new information or a conversation:

  • are you seeing what you’re trying to convey?
  • hearing the stories and words?
  • using gestures or building models?

How do you best connect your dots?

Me? Turns out I’m kinesthetic with auditory leanings. So, while blogging and writing, for me, are great avenues to get my thoughts out, perhaps it’s more about the tactile writing down of the words and less about how they appear on the page. And audio? It’s about how the sound makes me feel.

–kick drums and bass, anyone?–

So here’s where this is going: reading a blog post like this doesn’t work for everyone. Sometimes audio lands in a better way. Sometimes creating audio creates a different flavour for the same information. So, starting in July, I’ll be adding audio to the blogging.

There will be updates from this site and other goodies that I’m formulating too. Let me know in the comments – what would you like to hear? What would you listen to on your morning walk, afternoon commute or mid-day refresh?

mindfulness exercises? conversations with other awesome people about how they connect to their world, each other and themselves? random riffs on coaching and Reiki? all of the above in iambic pentameter?

Check back and tune in! It all sounds good from here.


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