You know those weeks where everyone seems to come out of the woodwork, with those moments of oh my god, I was just thinking about you? My past few weeks have been all about that.

There’s connection.

And then there’s reconnection.

It’s been catching up with people I hadn’t seen in a while, hearing from new folks, and even reconnecting with things that have faded out of my daily schedule.


While I made plans with friends – old and new – other notions came back to the foreground as well, including that of a regular meditation practice. And, with that, what I would consider to be a regular meditation practice. I had a chance to talk this over with co-workers, with clients, and with other healers* and, it kept coming back to the same thing: what do I consider as my meditation practice, how do I connect with what I consider to be “regular” practice.

And there are lots of ways to have a meditation practice, just like there are lots of ways to have balance and lots of ways to be in health. It doesn’t have to be sitting cross-legged on the ground, burning incense, and staring into a candle flame – although, I will confess that is one of my favourite things to do. But a true meditation practice really can be the 15 minute walk on lunch break that allows you to reconnect to yourself, reconnect to the present and reconnect to the ground. [For me, it’s reconnecting to the ground most importantly, because I’ll spend a lot of the day in my head.] Going out for a walk and feeling the pavement under my feet or – all other things being equal – a dirt path under my feet, can change an entire afternoon’s outlook**. And that’s the kind of thing I do do regularly and, for me, that counts.

Connecting dots. Reconnecting dots. A to B to C. Health to energy to a whole life and back again.

And so this last little while has not only been about taking these brief moments to reconnect to myself, to people, the present and perspective. But I’ve also reconnected to the larger picture of my meditation practice. And what works for me. And what’s good for me. And all the many, varied ways that I can – and do – have my meditation practice.

Time, now, to go line up a few more connections with people and notions…

*including the lovely Dana Garced, who got me thinking

**future blog post

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