Time to Shift

What a year end set up, y’all.


  • the end of 2018,
  • rolling toward 2019,
  • winter solstice (here in north america, at least) where we turn from longer nights back to lighter days and the auspices of growth and newness with the coming new year
  • a brilliant full moon that invites us to cast off the remnants of 2018 that are no longer serving us

So, what do you do with all that epic alignment? You take the time to thoughtfully and consciously cross the threshold from one year into the next.

Find your time in the coming days to meditate and set your intentions to leave behind what is no longer serving your highest good. Let your subconscious manage what that is, or look it full on and acknowledge what your leaving behind by thanking it, writing it down and/or physically setting it symbolically aside. Then, turn your attention to the coming year. Breathe it in. Step across that line, turn the calendar page.

I did a meditation and Reiki session for my Facebook and Instagram communities this morning at the height of the full moon and pulled the following three cards (okay, they actually fell out of the deck, they were so adamant to be seen)

Plant. Ask. Connect.

How do these words or ideas resonate with you? How did they show up in 2018? How will you incorporate them in 2019?

As much as this time of year is about friends and family gatherings for so many of us, it’s also about reflection and preparations for our more connected and meaningful presence in the coming year.

Find your time to take stock of your shift.

Blessed Solstice, happy full moon and many many happy holidays and new year to you all!