Refocus: Your Three Favourites

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While this article was originally posted to align with back to school, it’s valid any time of year. (Seriously, is there a quiet time of year any more?!)

When it comes time to regroup, how to you figure out where to begin?

Here are some of my faves that have also become my client’s faves:

Whether you’ve got kids going back to school or not, September can bring a whole new level of chaos. Everyone is suddenly back from vacation and invigorated into action. All the projects that slowed over summer have a new urgency and everything is full speed ahead at 300%. Your clients have new schedules, new places, new projects, new routines – each taking a new slice of focus.

It can feel unmanageable and stressful, to say the least. And the effects hit not only your client, but also those around them.

It’s time to create a support system to make conscious, informed and mindful choices that work best for their individual situations. However, it’s often when people need coaching the most that it’s the most difficult for people to carve out time and energy. This is the moment to help your clients take control of their overwhelm and build focus and clarity as they begin to wrap up their year.

Here are three of my clients’ favourite tools and exercises to reconnect with what’s important to them

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Tools are useful and can reset you if you’ve run into a mental block and – at the end of the day – it’s up to you to set the format, and the pace. Keep your choices aligned with your goals and keep it balanced in your life.

Do tell: What helps you focus?

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