My Big 3 Coaching Commitments for 2016

It’s December and planning is in full swing around here. New goodness and super fun ways to stir up your insight and connect your dots are brewing!

— bubble, bubble, toil & trouble! —


As I’m planning and scheming, though, I check back and connect each shiny idea to the bigger picture. Is this awesome idea (aren’t all ideas awesome?) helping me go in the general intended direction? This past weekend, my big three coaching commitments were listed for the world to see and hold me accountable to.

This past year was a big one for me. I’ve completed “The Art & Science of Coaching” Modules I – IV and am, as I write, nearing completion of Module V. It’s been a year of personal learning, growth, and reflection. It’s been the proverbial journey: a trip to new knowledge, integration of new skills and neuropathways, and – yes, I will say it – a new way of being.


So, now what? A new year and new coaching territory awaits just around the corner. Here are my Big Three Commitments to myself and to my clients in 2016:

Check out the full posting on Erickson International’s blog, share your commitments for the new year and share the post!

The projects and steps of planning and commitments are ongoing processes and include internal and external feedback loops of little steps, course corrections and even detours along the route. The larger direction and values that connect these plans and commitments offer the guideposts and lighthouses along the way.

How are you planning?


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