My Less Mindful Guest Post on Coaching to Abundance

So, remember when I wrote that article about getting mindful and present?

My article that appeared on Coaching to Abundance last week took a slightly different angle…

I am a huge proponent of mindful presence to support focus and flow when working through a new process or developing a new system. But there can come a time for everyone when mindful presence gets caught up in too much mind and not as much presence.

Read the full article for some of the science behind stepping away to get back in touch.

When I get stuck, I set my intention for creativity and head out for a walk into the woods, with my headphones and a good mix of songs. What’s your trick for staying present and connected?

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  1. Such a great article that you wrote – and I love that you termed it ‘less mindful’ – cause that is what it is. Its about stepping away in order to recenter/refocus. And thanks again for the video conversation – which just got posted on the article as well!


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