Get out of your head – connect with your body to move forward

I posted earlier this week on Synnection magazine about getting out of your head – your body reacts to your thoughts and environs. Your body is an incredible source for a tonne of information…when you listen.

You’ve got plans, right? You’ve had the epiphanies. You’ve meditated on them. Created vision boards. Made lists. Read the books and talked to the gurus. Heck, you’ve even put some of the plans into motion. There’s a tonne of awesome stuff going on in your head. And, in the middle of all the best intentions and amazing ideas, it gets…confusing.

Where do you even start? Why this over that? When is the best time? How do you find the time to arrange this other thing?

— Here’s the thing: you can’t do it all right now. More importantly, you shouldn’t.–

So how do you decide what’s in and what’s out?

Read the full post on Synnection and learn how to identify when you need to reconnect to your body, and how you can listen to it.


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