Coach Certification – I got it :)

Well, it’s been a while since my last post here, and it’s been a full few months. My first news to share is that I (finally*) hit the submission button, wrote the test and am now happily an ACC (Associate Certified Coach) with the International Coach Federation (ICF).

What does this mean for you and me? Well, it means I have taken an accredited training program, included mentored hours of coaching, completed over 100 hours of coaching sessions and passed the ICF examination that covers, in-depth, each critical component of coaching. So I come to each coaching session with an establish method and understanding of the processes and navigation to create your best connections. For me, it means confirmation of my committment to my own coaching journey. It doesn’t stop here, and continues through toward the Professional and Master certificate levels, that requires continuing education components along with continued experiential hours.

I am looking forward to all the next coaching sessions with amazing people, connecting their life to create balance and growth on purpose, with purpose!

*finally: I had more than enough coaching education. I had more than enough hours. And yet, I didn’t submit as soon as I could. In fact, it took me and extra three months to submit, and four of the six-week windows to write the test. Procrastination? A little. Balance? Even more importantly for me, a fair bit of life balance assessment. I knew I wanted and would achieve this coaching credential – and I knew I had life, family and new work projects to be fully engaged in at the time. So I took the time I knew I needed to get here.

I could have pushed through it to get it done. I could have created a big, looming unattached goal and finish line – look! A thing to complete! No context. No connection. Just a “goal”.

And that would not have met or altered any of my requirements or timelines for my connected goals as a coach, and could have impacted my summer goals with my family and other projects.

So, I wrote the exam last week. And it was excellent timing.

Go. Do your things. In the best time for you.

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