Start 2018 Connected

Happy New Year!

While I’m often torn about letting the calendar dictate how and when to start things – there are so many other factors! – it’s hard to deny there is something appealing about this time of year when it comes to fresh starts.

Never mind the societal, traditional New Year’s resolutions, we have the return of light after the winter solstice, in the Northern hemisphere, and closing of a week of festivities that feels like a fresh restart of our daily lives.

Add a bright full moon on the first day of this year and it’s a recipe to close off 2017, let go of what is no longer needed or helpful and step into 2018 with only what we want to bring.

And, I don’t know about you but, this year, the change from 2017 to 2018 feels like one helluva a good moment to re-evaluate and set up the next 12 months for positive growth and clear priorities.

I’m setting up for a new year with renewed practice and focus, and I’m inviting everyone along for the first 12 weeks. We’ll look at 6 major areas of life to identify and create space, set goals and define priorities. If you’d like to join the ride, you can connect in the Facebook group to get clear on these areas with live sessions, exercises and conversations. Or keep it high level and take your own journey with prompts in Instagram.

However you begin this new calendar year, all the best. May you stay connected to your best .

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