Is it worth it to redefine your year?

How do you feel about resolutions?

You know I’m all for change – both minor and sweeping – when warranted, consistently setting up Jan 1 of every year as the year things will happen! adds a layer of stress and unqualified expectation that don’t do you any favours.

Remember those ubiquitous 15 pounds that everyone wants to lose every year? …or is that just me…and is it now 30 pounds…?!

Proclaiming goals and resolutions after a holiday season of general excess can end up one of two ways:

  • super ambitious or restrictive plans, set up almost as a reflex to the excesses of the previous few weeks.
    Are you really going to be able to maintain that intense new study schedule, epic social media marketing plan or full on cabbage soup diet for the long term? Do you really want to?
  • amorphous, vague and idealistic lofty ideas that sound lovely and feel great, but don’t have a lot of….substance.
    “Getting healthier” or “finding a new job” or “writing a book” may be exactly the broad strokes of what you want, but without definition, it’s nearly impossible to begin. Is better health about weight, strength, blood pressure or pain management? What, exactly, do you need in a new job – security, financial, schedule? And a book doesn’t get written without outlines, editors, and a means to publish.

Now don’t get me wrong – goals are good and scheduled setting of goals and reviewing progress and direction is critical! And Jan 1 is as good a date as any. Make goals. Connect your next steps to your life. Build insights. Incite your growth.

A change in the calendar is not a good enough reason to change your life. But if it lines up with your vision, goals, plans and details, then use it.

Happy new year and here’s to connecting the goals and plans you are already working on, what new ideas a still a twinkle in your eye and to, in all things, your best self!

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